Below is a list of potential sanctions that may be imposed for violations of the University Code of Student Conduct (UCSC). This list is not all-inclusive:


(a) Warning: Notice, orally or in writing, that continuation or repetition of prohibited conduct may be cause for additional disciplinary action. Notice of this action may appear on the student's academic transcript for up to one year.


 (b) Disciplinary Probation: A student placed on disciplinary probation is notified that he or she is not in good standing with the university. Violations of the terms of Disciplinary Probation, or any other violation of the Code during the period of the probation, shall be viewed as both a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and a violation of a student's probation and shall typically result in suspension.  


(c) Restitution: Repayment to the University or to an affected party for damages resulting from a violation of this Code.


 (d) Suspension: Exclusion from University premises, and other privileges or activities, as set forth in the suspension notice. Suspension is of two types, term and/or conditional. A term suspension shall be for a stipulated period of time after which the student may return to the University community at the commencement of a regular period of study for which he or she is eligible. Notice of the suspension shall appear on the student's academic transcript for the term of the suspension and may appear on the student's academic transcript for up to five years.


 (e) Expulsion: Permanent termination of student status, and exclusion from University premises, privileges and activities. This action shall be permanently recorded on the student's academic transcript.


 (f) Other Sanctions: Other sanctions may be imposed instead of, or in addition to, those specified in sections (a) through (e) of this part. For example, students may be subject to removal from University housing for disciplinary violations. Likewise, students may be subject to restrictions upon or denials of University parking privileges for violations involving the use of registration of motor vehicles on campus and the loss of privileges for access to University computers or networks. Service or research projects may also be assigned and the student may be required to attend a specified University class or workshop at his or her own expense. For violations of academic integrity, appropriate academic penalties may also be applied


(g) A student may receive more than one sanction for a single incident. For example, a student found responsible of stealing may be suspended, be required to make restitution, and be required to complete some form of community service.


Additional Possible Sanctions:

  1. Alcohol Education Course.


  1. Community Service: This sanction allows students the opportunity to reflect on their situations while giving back to the community in a positive way. Students will be responsible for completing the assigned hours by the due date given. Students will be given a specific location to complete their hours. Currently community service will only be assigned to locations assigned and approved by the Conduct Officer.


  1. Educative Service: attending and/or presenting a workshop to a group of students, etc., with specific instructions to be included in the sanction letter.


  1. Online Sanctions.


  1. Reflection Paper: Reflection papers can either reflect on the educational assignment given or can simply serve as an opportunity to reflect on a violation. Follow the instructions on the assignment sheet provided. If the paper does not meet the minimum requirements or if the paper is not satisfactory, the Conduct Officer can return the paper and require it to be rewritten.