Academic Integrity

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To promote a strong culture of Academic Integrity, Rutgers has adopted the following Honor Pledge to be written and signed on examinations and assignments submitted for grading:
On my honor, I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this examination (assignment). 
The Academic Integrity Policy defines academic dishonesty, types of violations and the process which each school takes to resolves them. Each school on the Camden campus has their own facilitators who start the judicial process of a suspected violation.
Types of violations can include, but are not limited to:
Cheating/Unauthorized Collaboration
Facilitation of Dishonesty
Academic Sabotage
Violation of Research or Professional Ethics
Criminal Activity
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For a full explanation of the adjudication process, please choose your School: 
Rutgers-Camden Faculty of Arts and Sciences Process - Academic Integrity
Rutgers-Camden School of Business Process - Academic Integrity
Rutgers-Camden School of Nursing Process - Academic Integrity