Any violation of academic integrity is a serious offense subject to appropriate sanctions or penalties. Violations of academic integrity may result in academic penalties, educational sanctions, and/or disciplinary sanctions, and are not limited to the examples below.

Academic Penalties
  • Requirement to re-submit the assignment or complete an alternate assignment.
  • A grade reduction for assignment or course.
  • A failing grade for the assignment.
  • A grade of F in the course.
  • A grade of XF in the course, where applicable.
Educational Sanctions
  • An assigned paper or research project related to ethics or academic integrity.
  • Participation in a workshop or seminar.
  • Service to the University community.
Disciplinary Sanctions
  • Disciplinary reprimand.
  • Disciplinary probation.
  • Dismissal from a departmental or school program.
  • Denial of access to internships or research programs.
  • Loss of appointment to academic positions.
  • Loss of departmental/graduate program/school endorsements for internal and external fellowship support and employment opportunities.
  • Removal of fellowship or assistantship support.
  • Suspension for one or more semesters.
  • Requiring a delay in the completion of a professional program.
  • Dismissal from a graduate or professional program.
  • Expulsion from the University with a permanent notation of disciplinary expulsion on the student’s transcript.
  • Degree or certificate revocation.
Note: Any of these sanctions may have an impact on financial aid, scholarship, or fellowship eligibility, or scholastic standing.