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Additional Policies:

The Alcoholic Beverage Use Policy is designed to help students understand the regulations regarding the sale, service, possession and consumption of alcohol on campus through State and Federal laws and Rutgers University policy. The Chancellor and Deans of each campus can amend and implement policies regarding alcoholic beverage use as they see fit.

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The Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Information Technology Resources outlines a university member’s use of the computing and information technology system. If a suspected violation involves a student, the student will be reported and the violation will go into judicial process and be handled by the Office of Student Conduct.

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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act refers to the United States infringement Act overseen by the US Copyrights Office. The university is obligated to investigate and report all incidents of illegal activity or inappropriate behavior taking place on RUNet.

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The Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment defines and highlights types of discrimination and Harassment. If the right of a student or university employee is violated, the university will follow up with the allegation through the Discrimination Complaint Process or Harassment Compliant Process for employees or through the Code of Student Conduct for students.

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The Residence Life Policy for on-campus living at Rutgers-Camden defines a variety of rules and procedures for both living in and visiting on-campus housing units. Rutgers-Camden Residence Life has a judicial process which they use to resolve any violations. However, a student with a residence life violation may be also in violation of the Code of Student Conduct, in which Residence Life can also issue a sanction.

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Student Organizational Policies and Procedures

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, referred to hereinafter as “the University”, is committed to supporting student organizations which permit and foster students’ ability to freely associate and express themselves. This support is formalized through the University recognition system, which has been put in place to serve the interest of both the University and student organizations. Student organizations that choose to be recognized by the University, accept the rights and responsibilities outlined in this policy and in their organization’s governing department. An organization that is only registered under an academic department may be held accountable under this policy. The Standards of Conduct for Registered/Recognized Student Organizations; written to govern New Brunswick, Camden, and Newark campuses, does not replace the policies and sanctions implemented by an organization’s governing department or by any applicable federal, state, or local laws, or other University policies.