Campus and Community Resources

At Rutgers- Camden we are dedicated to rooting ourselves in the community to help improve the lives of our neighbors and to help build stronger communities. Through our Office of Civic Engagement students, faculty, and staff participate in almost 30 different programs that range from literacy programs for children – to pro-bono work through our Law School. To learn more about our programs, visit:

But, outside of our programs, every member of the campus community has a duty to the communities we live in and the ones we share around the area. Check out some of the following tips on simple things you can do in your community to improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Knowing your neighbors names and even keeping a log of their contact information can promote a sense of community and allow for easier communication on any neighborhood issues and concerns. For Cooper-Grant residents, join the neighborhood association ( and be an active part of what happens in your community.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Most towns have noise ordinances, so while you should familiarize yourself with your municipal codes, it is also important to keep the Golden Rule in mind. Try not to use yard equipment or play music too loudly late at night or in the early morning.  Try to inform your neighbors of any parties you plan to have and make sure you and your guests are respectful of different types of families and their lifestyles by keeping noise and large groups to a minimum especially when gathering outside.

Keep Your Property Neat and Clean

Recycling is mandatory in New Jersey and all towns has rules about trash collection; so make sure you are familiar with your town’s guidelines and that you have the proper receptacles for garbage pickup. Aside from garbage collection, you should try to keep your property free from build up and store your receptacles in a secure location.

Maintain Your Residence

Keeping a clean house, inside and out will make for better living conditions and also keep your property in better shape. Whether you are renting or you own your property, you want to make sure you are keeping up with repairs and town laws. Familiarize yourself your town’s snow removal and leaves removal policies.

Park Carefully

Be conscious of where you park and where your guests park, whether your live in an urban setting or suburban community, it is essential to make sure you are only parking in your own designated area, that your vehicle is not obstructing the flow of traffic, and that you have all the necessary parking permits. Also, do not leave any valuable visible, as you can be making yourself a target for vandalism and theft. 

Tend to Your Pet

One of the most essentials parts of owning a pet is making sure they have all the necessary vaccinations and care. Check with your town to find out about any laws that mandate pets to be licensed or vaccinated. Also, clean up after your pet, even in your own yard and try to keep their noise to a minimal as well.

Stay Safe

  • Make sure you have your town’s police department phone number and the RUPD number programmed in your phone as well as your emergency contacts clearly labeled.
    • RUPD: (855) 225-6111
    • Camden PD: (856) 757-7400 or 911
  • Subscribe to any emergency alerts your town and surrounding towns have.
  • Lock your doors whether you are home or not and coordinate with roommates when to leave porch lights on and have a schedule of who checks to ensure doors and windows are locked.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, by never walking alone and keeping an illuminated path.
  • Stay up-to-date with campus and your community’s crime alerts, for Rutgers-Camden Crime Reports, visit:
  • Never allow a stranger into your home and report any suspicious activity, remember you are the eyes and ears of the city.

Be responsible

Make sure your roommates and guest understand the consequences and liability of underage drinking in your residence.