Things to Think About

The social scene during your college years is important; it will prove
to be the most important moments of networking and bonding with lifelong
friends. With those moments comes responsibility. First impressions are
everything, so you want to be conscious and safe in what you are doing.

Tips for Successful and Safe Parties

  • Tell your neighbors.
  • Draw up a guest list and know everyone who is attending.
  • Insure that guests have proper transportation and necessary parking permits for your neighborhood.
  • Monitor the noise level by keeping volumes down and reminding your guests to keep it down.
  • Only serve alcohol if your guests are over 21and they all have rides home, even then limit the amount of alcohol served.
  • Have plenty of food, water, and soft drinks for your guests.
  • Have a roommate or friend help monitor the party for uninvited guests or foul behavior.
  • Clean up, inside and out of the house after the party.