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Tips for Parents

Sending your child to college can be scary, but having them want to live off-campus can be all the more nerving. Here are some things to think about that could help you and your student decided if living off campus is right for them.

  • Develop a budget with your student and come up with a plan of how much rent, utilities and other living expenses will cost.
  • Review the lease/rental agreement with your student and make sure all the terms can be met and that they are all in accordance with the town’s laws.
  • Spend time looking at several different properties and make sure you and your student are choosing one that is close to campus and in good condition. A residence that needs too many repairs could prove to be an unneeded stress.
  • If your student decides to live with roommates make sure both you and the students knows the potential roommate and their parents. Make sure everyone comes up with a collective plan of how the residence will be paid for and maintained.

Useful Information, Living in Cooper-Grant


  • Cooper-Grant is a zone 1 neighborhood; residents must have a valid parking permit to park in designated areas. Obtain passes at www.camdenparking.net

Municipal Waste

  • Cooper-Grant is located in district 3, trash and recycling must be put out the night before by 8pm. Household trash is collected on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, May - September and only on Wednesdays mornings, October – April; recycling is Wednesday mornings. To get a recycling receptacle, call Public Works at (856)757-7034 or if trash is not being collected on your street call Waste Management at 1-800-893-0054.

Street Sweeping

  • From March 5th to December, street sweeping occurs every two weeks on Fridays and Wednesdays, one day for one side of the street and the other day for the other side. Vehicles parked on the side of the street where sweeping will occur will be subjected to ticketing.

Noise Violations

  • Quite hours are from 10pm-8am, at this time all noise should be kept to the confines of your residence.
    • Violations include
      • A volume of noise that can be heard outside the exterior of your home
      • Vehicle stereo systems that can be heard outside the exterior of your car or 50 feet from a private residence
      • Car alarms after five minutes of continuous airborne sound and 15 minutes of impulsive sound
      • Shouting, loud noises, or disturbances in public spaces.  
  • Noise violations should be reported to the Camden City Police and complaints be logged onto DCCB so there is written record of the incident. Violations can result in up to $500 fines and community service.