Looking for your Financial Aid Counselor Information?

Students see below who your Financial Aid Counselor is (breakdown by student last name):

Name                           Alpha                          Email Address 

Erick Herrera                           A - E                             erick.herrera@rutgers.edu

Tamia Johnson-Wooten           F - L               tamia.johnsonwooten@rutgers.edu

Marcos Arteaga                      M - R                        marcos.arteaga@rutgers.edu

Rebekka Howell                      S - Z                           rh409@camden.rutgers.edu


Financial Aid website: www.financialaid.rutgers.edu

How to read this chart: For example if your last name starts with the letter "C" your counselor will be Erick Herrera.


**As always if you have general questions you may call Financial Aid directly at 856-225-6039. Lastly please see commonly answered questions listed on their website: http://studentaid.rutgers.edu/selfservice.aspx