Campus Advisors

A Campus Advisor is a member of the Rutgers community who can help the student or complaint party navigate the disciplinary system.




Ann Heidelberg

FASC – Education

Kelley Anderson


Sara Becker

FASC – Education

Ross Allen

FASC – Sociology

Jason Love

School of Nursing

Mason Hopkins

Admissions/Enrollment Mgmt.

Laura Luciano


Maureen Camper

FASC – Dean’s Office

Dana Barrett

School of Business

Nicole Karapanagiotis

School of Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Thiel

CCAS Academic Advisor

Brian P. Kenny

Admissions/Enrollment Mgmt.

Jon Sistrunk

Dean of Students Office

Nadia Agarrat

Admissions/Enrollment Mgmt.

Camden Campus Advisors for Student Conduct Proceedings:

Campus Advisors are staff or faculty members trained to provide assistance to complainants or accused students in University Hearings or Administrative Conferences. A student has the right to have an advisor present at all disciplinary meetings and hearings (which include general conduct, academic integrity, and Title IX matters). It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their advisor is present at hearings and meetings. Specific advisor availability is not sufficient grounds for postponing hearings or Administrative Conferences. A student also has the right to have a support person present at all disciplinary meetings and hearings. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their support person is present at hearings and meetings if desired. Support person availability is not sufficient grounds for postponing meetings, hearings, or Administrative Conferences. Students and complainants may consult advisors or support persons, but are expected to advocate independently for themselves.