The CCAS Scholastic Standing Committee Petition Forms and Process

Retroactive Course Withdrawals:

School 50 (Camden College of Arts and Sciences) and School 64 (University College) students may petition the CCAS Scholastic Standing Committee to appeal for a retroactive course withdrawal(s) for coursework that has been completed and assigned a grade. Ordinarily the committee considers petitions for retroactive course withdrawal no later than 1 year after the conclusion of the term in which the course(s) was taken.

Students can obtain the necessary form to petition online at:

All forms are to be submitted to the Dean of Students Office. 

Scholastic Standing Committee Petition Forms — this is the form to petition to withdraw from a course without penalty ( You should fill out this form as completely as possible. You will be able to upload documents to support your request. You need to include a personal statement with the petition. 

After a student files the petition form you will need to complete a CCAS SSC Instructor’s Form and a CCAS SSC Advisor’s form in pdf format. Your advisor should sign and complete one part of the advisor form. Your course instructor should complete one part of the instructor’s form. You must complete an instructor’s form for each course that you were enrolled in during the semester that you have submitted the petition for. 

You advisor form and all instructor forms, your petition, supporting documentation and personal statement will be provided to the CCAS SSC Committee for review and approval (or disapproval). 

Students will be notified in writing by the Chair of the Scholastic Standing Committee as to the outcome of their appeal. 

The Scholastic Standing Committee petition for a retroactive course withdrawal is an academic action only. If your request is approved it will help your cumulative GPA average only. All students need to communicate and keep in touch with Financial Aid concerning financial aid deadlines and federal financial aid guidelines. 

Use these links to download and edit:

CCAS SSC Instructor’s Form 

CCAS SSC Advisor’s Form


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